Dog Walking Specialists

At On Call 4 Pets it is hard to tell if it is the dogs we care for or our staff of professional dog walkers enjoying their daily exercise more. Our dog walkers love their job. It is this infectious attitude to dog walking that lightens up our wide range of canine companions who join us on their solo walking expeditions. At On Call 4 Pets, we only walk one or dogs of the same household together. For us, there is no greater satisfaction than seeing one of our dogs' eyes light up when they know that their walk with us is about to begin. This is the ultimate reward for us and, thankfully, we are fortunate enough to receive this gift every single day.

Adventure Along the Way

With years of experience walking dogs, we know all the best routes to ensure that your canine companion receives a challenging and stimulating walk that best meets his individual needs. Our dog-walking experts select routes that will optimize the experience for your four-legged friend and will ensure that there is always enough time for some adventures and spontaneity along the way. We always try and incorporate new and different locations into our routes too so as to ensure that your dog doesn't get bored.

Safety is Paramount

Our number one priority is always your dog's individual safety. We guarantee that when your pet is with us, he or she will be safe and secure at all times. We take immense pride in delivering an exciting dog walking experience that will ensure your dog reaps all the positives of our service without any negatives. We use positive reinforcement with all our furry clients. Our certified team of dog walkers go to great lengths to ensure that your dog's safety is looked after. This includes trial testing leashes, harnesses and other equipment thoroughly so the dogs stay right with us. We abide by all of the traffic precautions which can change from neighborhood to neighborhood. On top of that, we also always walk the dogs away from other dogs to reduce the risk of any conflicts occurring! Socialization on a walk not the norm for us. When dealing with pets things can change for them day to day. Better safe than sorry.

Don't Delay, Call Today

If you are like the vast majority of our loyal clients then it is safe to say that you will always seek the best for your dog. One of the easiest ways of achieving this is by investing in a regular dog walking service from us. Our tried and trusted dog walking service is perfect for those who work long or irregular hours or simply for parents with young children who are not always able to walk their dog two to three times each day. Whatever your personal situation there is no doubt that you can benefit from our individualized service. Don't take chances with inferior dog walking companies when the number one option is right here for you. Don't delay, call today.