On Call 4 Pets Services Offered

Daily Dog Walking & Dog Running:

What’s a busy pet owner to do? Never fear, On Call 4 Pets is here. We schedule daily walking or running visits for your pet based on your hectic schedule. Scheduled appointments can be morning, afternoon, or evening.

Vacation Pet Care:

Have a business trip or just need to get away? The staff at On Call 4 Pets can customize a daily/weekly or longer schedule to fit the needs of your pets while you're away. Some pets require 15 minutes time slots while others need longer amounts of TLC. Talk to your pet professional during your free consultation to develop the best plan for your pets.

Home Boarding at One of our Trained Professional’s Homes:

Come stay at our homes. We treat your pet like one of the family. Pets are not caged & have the run of the house. We ask that you bring your pets’ food, treats, toys, and bedding, and whatever else will make your pet feel safe and comfortable. Pets that are spayed/neutered are preferred guests. Pets must be up to date on all vaccinations and well groomed. Our policy is one family of pets per household... so make reservations early.

Overnight Pet Sitting:

Many pets just simply need to stay in their home environment in order to remain happy and healthy. This is also a perfect solution for pet owners that have geriatric and special need pets. On Call 4 Pets professional sitters come to your home and stay with your pets. Tender, loving individual attention is our first concern. In addition, we will take in your mail, water your plants and do other tasks needed so that you can leave your home free from worry.

On Call (Emergency) Visits:

Have you ever been at work and you just couldn’t get home in time to let your pet out for their walk or to be fed? Did you ever go somewhere for the day and have to leave before you really wanted to in order to rush home to take care of your pet?

Owner Pets

With On Call 4 Pets, don’t fear. As an On Call 4 Pets client, you can call or text message us and “We’ll be there” to take care of your pet for you. All at no additional charge!

Pet Taxi:

On Call 4 Pets can be there to get your pet to and from the groomers or any other scheduled appointments you have for them. Last minute calls are taken care of too! Just call and We’ll be there!

Anytime, anywhere... We'll be there!