On Call 4 Pets is continuously looking to hire exceptional

Part-Time Dog Walkers / Pet Sitters / Pet Hosts

Does This Describe You…

  • When referring to your pet, do you refer to yourself as their Mom or Dad?
  • Do the words, “Who’s a good girl/boy” come out of your mouth in baby talk AT LEAST three times a day?
  • Do you love your pet like a child with fur?
  • Do you believe that ALL pets are furry family members and NEED to work for a company that treats them as such?
  • If you are shaking your head in the fashion of YES, we are looking for the Pet Care Specialist in YOU!

Please read the job description below, and then fill out our Online Application for Employment.

Dog Walker / Pet Sitter Job Description:

  • Dog walkers must be comfortable attending New Client Meetings, which are essentially interviews, for new dog walking jobs.
  • Walkers must respect the confidentiality inherent in working inside client’s personal homes and follow pet care instructions to the letter.
  • Walkers must also be comfortable referring to existing client care notes and filling in for Pet Care Team members that are unable to service a primary client.
  • Dog walking visits or vacation visits can range in length from 15-minute bathroom breaks up to 1-hour visits based on the client’s needs. On occasion dog walkers may only have one walk scheduled in a day.
  • Time will be spent walking/exercising dogs, and ensuring potty breaks are occurring. Basic walk requests such as refreshing water, wiping paws, playtime and giving treats are also included.
  • All dogs must be kept on leash on walks. We do not herd walk. Walkers will only be walking multiple dogs if they are from the same family or part of a requested social pairing.
  • Even when it is raining dogs need to go out. Walkers must have rain gear and feel comfortable driving/walking in the rain.
  • Occasionally clients are home sick or working from home. Walkers must be comfortable running into clients.
  • Walkers must be comfortable checking in and working with our office staff and Online Management Software. This helps us ensure everything has been completed to client specifications.
  • Walkers will also be required to leave detailed visit notes or text messages inclusive of photos and/or videos. Walkers must be comfortable using Smart Phones and email.
  • Walkers must take responsibility to not lose keys or get lock out.
  • Walkers must respect client confidentiality.Friends and family members are not allowed while doing visits.
  • Due to the bonding that occurs between our staff members and the pets in their care, we request that you try to make a commitment to working with On Call 4 Pets for ONE YEAR This request is not intended to change the traditional relationship of employment at will.
  • Dog Walkers/Pet Sitters/Pet Hosts must also be willing to attend training and continuing education courses as requested by On Call 4 Pets
  • Punctuality and attention to detail are a must.

Pet Hosts:

  • Pets Hosts must be home most of the time. So, if you are a stay at home mom or work from your home or retired, this is the perfect set up for you.
  • All pet hosts must own their own home or villa. No renters please.
  • Pet hosts must be comfortable having pets have run of the house.
  • Fenced in back yards are a plus!


  • Submission to background and reference check
  • Access to a reliable and fully insured car
  • Some background in pet care
  • Must be physically fit as this job requires walking and exercise
  • Must be willing to work with dogs of all shapes and sizes and cats on occasion plus exotic or other domestic pets.

Please fill out all of the requested information in the online application below. While it is not required, you may submit a cover letter to employment@oncall4pets.com

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please, no phone calls.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Employment Application