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Jim and Stephanie Walsh

To all those soon to be temporarily pet owners...read more

May 2016

Charlie and Bobbie of On Call 4 Pets are wonderful, loving professionals who make the life of a busy pet owner so much easier. I have been using them for several years and have had three dogs, a cat, 2 rabbits and a fish at one time and they handled my fur and fin family with love and ease. Over the years, I've had day visits, weekend getaways, week long sleepovers, and last minute tragedies and they have always been there for our pets (and us) with whatever we needed to take care of our animals just like they would their own. Every family who has animals and still needs to travel needs a "Charlie". I know my babies are in good hands when I need to be away from them.

Amy K.

May 2016

We've been utilizing the services of On Call 4 Pets for 7 years. As many pet owners know, your pet is a member of your family. You want to make sure your "family member"' is with someone you trust. Not only for the normal day-to-day care, but knowing that your pet will be safe and cared for while you are at work or away on vacation. We highly recommend On Call 4 Pets!

Mike H.

May 2016

We've used On Call 4 Pets since 2012. I highly recommend this company. They have provided both in-our-home services and board-in-their-homes services.

We had an older/ill dog that required special care. On Call 4 Pets came in twice a day and provided excellent in-our-home care. We now have a younger dog and a cat who we board in one of their homes. It's so comforting to know that our animals are not confined in cages when we are out of town. On a recent 3-week boarding, our cat returned to us as a much more "social" feline. (I suspect she was given lots of attention).

They provide pickup/delivery services so we can leave our pets in our house and they pick them up. They also return the pets on the day of our return. It's really great to return home and have our pets waiting for us.

Fran S.

May 2016

I've had nothing but positive experiences with Charlie & Bobbie! They truly are there any time, even when I was in the hospital during the holiday season, they came through! I don't know what I'd do without them!

Stefanie B.

May 2016

I have been using On Call 4 Pets for several years. Bobbie, Charlie and the entire staff have provided the best service we could ever hope for!! I would highly recommend On Call 4 Pets.  I never worry about my dog when she is in their care.

Linda K.

March 2013
Hi Charlie & Bobbie -
We will be moving to Nashville in the next several weeks. For the most part, we are excited, but we will miss you guys so terribly! We feel like you helped raise Roger & Nina. What are we going to do without you??? The day we decided to move, we were walking the dogs and talking about how we will never get lucky again like we did when we came across you and Bobbie. Thanks for always being so wonderful to us.
Stacey & Justin A.

May 2012
Bobbie -
Oliver was completely himself when we got home. He obviously missed us and has been all over us since we got back, but he acted normal when we came into the house. Last time we went away the neighbor brought his dog over, fed Oliver, and left. Obviously Oliver was traumatized by the dog and starved for attention. You are wonderful, and very professional. We are no longer concerned about going away and leaving Oliver, since we now have you to take care of him.
Thanks so much.
Ken and Glenda G.